Hannah Mary Tabbs among the top 50 books by women of color in 2018.

“Every year, I challenge myself to read at least 50 books by women of color. My goal was inspired by science fiction writer Nalo Hopkinson, who noted that books by people of color are often given less attention by publishers, publicists, bookstores, and reviewers. The lack of attention, predictably, translates to fewer sales—and those fewer sales often translate to the (erroneous) conclusion that readers aren’t interested in writers of color.

This year, inspired in large part by Rewire.News‘ podcast “What Else Happened?” and its question of what brings joy, I’ve decided to share the books that have done just that. It’s a welcome break from reporting on stories of the trauma, violence, resilience, and resistance inherent in the nation’s jail and prison system.

I’m thrilled to say that I’ve exceeded my challenge with 57 books by women of color! You can find reviews of some of the earlier books I’ve read herehere and here. I hope this inspires you to pick up some of these books to while away the dark winter nights and to pick some up as gifts for the readers in your life.”


Kali Gross